How to Grow Your Family Through Embryo Adoption

At Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility we offer advanced fertility services like embryo adoption. Some parents have healthy, viable embryos remaining after in vitro fertilization. While many choose to cryopreserve their eggs for future use, some opt to donate their embryos to give them a chance for life. This provides other women the opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Advantages of embryo adoption

If you are unable to conceive naturally and have experienced fertility issues using your own eggs, it may be time to explore embryo adoption. Here are a few unique advantages of embryo adoption:

  1. Embryo adoption allows women to experience pregnancy and childbirth
    For some, the ability to experience the joys and challenges of pregnancy, labor and delivery are important steps toward becoming a mother.
  2. Embryo adoption allows parents to begin bonding with their child immediately
    The opportunity to begin the bonding process in utero can be a precious gift for adopting couples.
  3. Embryo adoption gives parents the ability to control the prenatal experience

This option allows the intended parents to choose a doctor to oversee the pregnancy and prenatal care. It will also ensure their baby is receiving a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  1. Embryo adoption is less expensive and faster than other types of adoption
    The cost of adopting an embryo is about 50 percent less than adopting an infant. In fact, it is often less expensive than one IVF cycle.
  2. Embryo adoption gives embryos a chance to have a life

Is embryo adoption right for me?

If you’ve experienced one or more unsuccessful IVF treatments and your doctor does not believe additional fresh cycles will be successful, embryo adoption might be right for you. Embryo adoption may also be right if you (or your partner) carry a genetic disease you do not want to pass on to your child.

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