Embryo Donation: How You Can Help Someone Else’s Family

From frustration to joy, the journey to overcome infertility and bring a child into your world is life changing. If you’ve been there, and are fortunate enough to know the elation of finally being able to conceive through in vitro fertilization (IVF), congratulations are in order! So, now that your family is complete, what will … Continued

Stress and Infertility

Many women believe stress contributes to fertility problems, however; it is typically the opposite that’s true. Often, stress triggers a pre-existing medical condition that in turn can affect fertility. Connection between stress and infertility While stress in itself may lead to certain behaviors that cause fertility problems (e.g., smoking, drinking, using drugs or dropping out … Continued

When Is It Time to Make a Consultation with a Fertility Specialist?

It is difficult to get pregnant—despite what you may have understood growing up. In fact, fertile women in their twenties only have a 20 to 25 percent chance of pregnancy each month. At 30, the chance of pregnancy drops to about 15 percent. And by 35 the likelihood is less than 10 percent. Throughout your young adult … Continued