Telemedicine Appointments

Telemedicine offers a convenient and flexible option for consulting with a reproductive specialist. The Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility team allows patients to schedule virtual appointments using the communications devices of their choice.  

At Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility, we are dedicated to giving potential parents every opportunity to access the information and resources they need to achieve a healthy pregnancy. 

Whether you’re a new patient or someone we’ve been seeing for a while, we can now see you remotely using telemedicine. This is especially essential during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

For new-patient appointments and follow-up visits to discuss results and next steps, you simply login using a desktop or laptop computer, or just a smartphone!

How Telemedicine Works

When you call us to set up your appointment, we will give you the details about our doctors’ telemedicine sites and what you need to do to login.

If you are an existing patient, your RGI specialist will have your records in hand during the appointment and will speak directly with you via videoconference technology. While procedures cannot be performed remotely, your RGI doctor will be able to conduct all consultations just as would occur during any face-to-face visit. This includes discussing your medical history, addressing your specific needs and concerns, answering your questions, explaining upcoming procedures, and discussing results and/or next steps.

Telemedicine Connects You with Your Doctor 

For first visits, we will send all the appropriate forms to you ahead of time for you to fill out and send back to us so we can prepare for the appointment. During the conference, the doctor will review your forms with you, discuss your needs and what types of testing or treatment you should expect, explain what to do next and cover anything else that needs to be discussed.

For new and existing patients, a nurse may reach out to you after your appointment regarding any medications to discuss or procedures to be scheduled. But your appointment will be with your RGI doctor. You will have your virtual visit with your actual physician.

Can I still have an in-person visit?

Telemedicine might not be the right solution for everyone. If you don’t have a reliable internet connection or if you cannot find a sufficiently private space for your consultation, in-office visits are still possible.

If you prefer seeing your physician in-office, we can schedule an in-person appointment. However, this can only happen after the coronavirus-related mandates have been lifted. We are offering telemedicine appointments in order to keep things moving forward during the outbreak. If you prefer to meet with the doctor not merely face-to-face (virtual) but actually in-person, we are scheduling visits out three to four weeks. However, be advised that this interval is based on the hope that things will have returned to normal by then.

To schedule a telemedicine appointment, call 866-537-2461 today. You can also request an appointment using the form on this page.