The Invocell Fertility Procedure: An Internal Fertilization Option

Invocell is an innovative fertilization and incubation solution that facilitates embryo development inside the woman’s body. Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility offers Invocell to potential parents in South Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown, Ohio.

Invocell is an FDA-cleared medical device that offers more natural embryo incubation, lower costs, and less medication than with IVF. One of the first to offer this fertility treatment in Ohio, Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility also uses Invocell to enable greater participation in the fertility process for certain parents-to-be, including same-sex couples. Invocell also provides a new fertility option for religious couples who believe it is important for conception to take place inside the body. 

What is Invocell?

The Invocell device is a small capsule that enables both egg fertilization and the early development of the embryo to take place in vivo, meaning inside the body. This is different from in vitro fertilization (IVF), which involves incubation in the lab setting.

How Does Invocell Work?

  1. Sperm and eggs are combined in the Invocell™ device
  2. The device is placed into the vagina for 5 days.
  3. Fertilization and early embryo development take place in vivo (inside the body).
  4. After 5 days, we remove the device and examine the embryos.
  5. We immediately transfer selected embryos into the uterus.

Your RGI fertility doctor combines the retrieved (or donor) sperm with the eggs (or donor eggs) in the Invocell vial, then inserts it vaginally for in vivo incubation. Inside the body, the sperm naturally fertilizes the egg, and the early embryo develops over the next five days. We then remove the device and observe and select the embryos, then immediately transfer them back into the body for implantation and further development. Within about 10 days, we’ll know whether or not you’re pregnant. 

How Does Invocell Compare to IVF and IUI?

Think of Invocell as a fertility treatment option existing between IUI and IVF, the gold-standard fertility treatment. Its pregnancy rates are a bit better than with IUI and a bit lower than with IVF. But its cost, higher than IUI, is roughly half of what IVF costs, putting safe, effective infertility treatment within reach for many couples who can’t afford IVF. Invocell also requires fewer drugs to stimulate the ovaries, fewer visits and less total time than IVF does.

A More Personalized Way to Get Pregnant, Especially for Same-Sex Couples.

In addition to being a more natural, environmentally stable incubation than with IVF, Invocell permits greater participation in the process, an often-significant psychological benefit for parents-to-be. For example, Invocell enables female same-sex partners to be directly involved in the creation of the embryo. One woman can incubate the early embryo, and the other can carry the pregnancy (with either contributing eggs). 

A New Infertility Treatment Option for Religious Couples.

For couples of faith struggling with infertility who believe conception should occur in the body, Invocell can be a welcome alternative to IVF, which involves fertilization in the laboratory setting. With Invocell, these couples can have a pathway to a family they may otherwise not have. 

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