What Is a Fertility Test?

A fertility test helps determine how easy or difficult it will be for a person to conceive. There are several different types of fertility tests, but most doctors begin with a simple blood test or semen analysis to determine a person’s fertility. Common fertility tests for men Common fertility tests for men include: Semen analysis … Continued

Fertility Clinic Success Rates and FAQs

If you’re considering fertility treatment, and live in Ohio, there are many things to consider before making a treatment decision. In addition to finding a conveniently located fertility center and skilled physician you feel comfortable with, it’s important to learn about—and understand—their fertility success rates so you can make an informed decision. Fertility clinics with … Continued

COVID-19: Questions You May Have

Originally Presented by ASRM and the MHPG Developed by the Mental Health Professional Group Re-published by Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility   Q: If I’m trying to get pregnant, should I stop trying to conceive due to the Coronavirus? A: If you don’t have COVID-19, there is no medical reason to change your plans regarding trying to … Continued

Coronavirus Updates

Important Notice About COVID-19 and the Coronavirus Vaccine To Our Patients: As your healthcare provider, we value—and are committed to—your health and the health of your family. We also understand that you have concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which has now been designated a global pandemic.  At all times, we prioritize optimal health, safety … Continued

How to Grow Your Family Through Embryo Adoption

At Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility we offer advanced fertility services like embryo adoption. Some parents have healthy, viable embryos remaining after in vitro fertilization. While many choose to cryopreserve their eggs for future use, some opt to donate their embryos to give them a chance for life. This provides other women the opportunity to experience … Continued

5 Ways Cleveland Reproductive Medicine Is Changing Families Lives Forever

Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility in Cleveland helps you maximize your chances of having a child with leading-edge fertility services. We’ll provide you with the exact fertility treatment and preservation technique you need to optimize your fertility. Whether you want to preserve your fertility before starting cancer treatments, delay starting a family until your career is … Continued

Embryo Donation Success Rates: What to Expect

Infertile families who choose IVF and achieve a healthy pregnancy may have additional embryos once they’ve finished growing their family. Many of these couples choose to donate their unused embryos to another person or couple for implantation. This helps other infertile families grow and supports the life of the embryo. Today, there are an estimated … Continued

Ovulation & Fertility: What Every Woman Should Know

Approximately one in ten couples struggle with infertility. In fact, infertility can affect women of any age, and from any background. If you’ve been trying to conceive for more than 12 consecutive months (6 months for women over age 35) without success, your primary care physician may refer you to a specialized fertility center for … Continued

How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant?

While some women get pregnant faster than others, it’s not uncommon for it to take longer than expected. This is especially true if you or your partner are dealing with known or unknown fertility issues. If you’re a healthy woman between age 25 and 35 you have about a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant … Continued

A Complete Guide to Fertility Testing for Women

For the millions of couples who face the challenges of infertility, many factors come into play from both partners. Men’s issues account for approximately 50 percent of all infertility cases, but there are indicators that tell doctors if a woman requires further testing. Two general signs are: A woman under 35 has not become pregnant after … Continued