Embryo Donation: How You Can Help Someone Else’s Family

From frustration to joy, the journey to overcome infertility and bring a child into your world is life changing. If you’ve been there, and are fortunate enough to know the elation of finally being able to conceive through in vitro fertilization (IVF), congratulations are in order! So, now that your family is complete, what will become of your remaining embryos?

It’s a question millions of lucky parents ponder each year. Once they have their dream family, they must decide what to do with the extra embryos of a successful in vitro fertilization. There are three options to consider: Freeze, thaw, or donate the embryos.

Embryo donation can help other families

Of course, this is a very personal decision and only you can make it. However, for many families, donation is a particularly rewarding option. Think of it this way: You would be providing an opportunity for life. You would be “paying it forward” by helping another family experience the wonder and delight of children.

Imagine giving a hopeful mom-to-be the chance to carry and have children. It will change her and her partner’s life, and maybe even yours. Donating your embryos is not only a selfless choice, it’s a wonderful gift for the adoptive family and the child. You can even be involved in the process of selecting a family.

But what about those all-important success rates?

Embryo donation success rates are excellent. Many couples for whom IVF has failed can still give birth through donated embryos. Statistics even show that overall, implantation success rates are higher using embryo rather than IVF.

Are you ready to help a family through embryo donation?

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